Spinster Diaries director shares her thoughts

Spinster Diaries by MBC TV won the Best Single Drama or Telemovie award at the 20th Asian Television Awards.

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We interviewed Kim Ji-hyun, Director of the hugely popular Korean Television programme, Spinster Diaries. The show by MBC TV won the Best Single Drama or Telemovie award at the recent Asian Television Awards 2015.

Kim Ji-hyun was the director of Spinster Diaries

Tell us your thoughts on winning at the Asian Television Awards?

Kim Ji-hyun (KJ): It is an honour to receive such a great award on my debut as a drama producer. It would have been nice to have been there at the awards ceremony myself, but I was not able to attend due to preparations for my next project. I think it is an award not only given to me, but also to all the staff and actors who went through all the hard work together. We were all happy to hear the news that Spinster Diaries won at ATA.

Why do you think you won for your category?

KJ: After the drama was aired, young girls from Taiwan and Indonesia contacted me through my social media. They said that the story seemed like their own story. Another fan from China told me she felt the emotions of a young girl. In fact, Spinster Diaries is a drama that was written with a Korean classic children’s story as the inspiration, so I was very surprised that it was recognised outside of Korea. I do not think my drama was a very well-made one. However, I do think that many people were able to relate with the drama.

How competitive is the TV content industry in Korea at the moment?

KJ: The TV content industry in Korea is rapidly changing and more active than ever before in terms of production and consumption processes. With the development of internet platforms, producers and consumers of TV programs can now interact with each other more actively and also see instant results. Therefore, in order to target and suit the taste of modern Korean viewers, I think more and more content with higher quality are being created and produced. These high quality, domestic content allows us to maintain our competitive edge and in turn be recognised on the global stage.

Do you foresee more Korean content being exported out of Korea?

KJ: Yes, I believe so. Korean content is strong in its storyline and this is a power that transcends cultural differences among countries. Recently, the production quality of content from China and Southeast Asian countries has risen dramatically. This was the same phenomenon that Korea went through back in the 1980’s and 90’s. We do not solely aim to depend on the export of our content, but rather co-prosper with other Asian countries by developing various kinds of joint production projects.

Would you submit for the Asian Television Awards again? Why?

KJ: Yes, definitely! We have always submitted our programs to Asian Television Awards, and we will surely continue to do so. ATA is one of the most outstanding international television awards in Asia, so I would like to say, “Keep it up!”, and I thank you once again for the recognition.

Spinster Diaries won the Best Single Drama or Telemovie award at the Asian Television Awards 2015