Shane Pow seeks first lead role

Shane Pow also hopes to receive his first nomination at the Asian Television Awards in 2016.

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We caught up with Shane Pow, a Singaporean actor, for an interview. He was nominated at MediaCorp’s Star Awards in 2013 under the “Best Newcomer” category and won 2 years later at the Star Awards 2015, in the “Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes” category. Shane is currently managed by BEAM Artistes.

Shane Pow and his breakthrough in 2015

Shane Pow shares his goals for 2016 

We have seen you play supporting roles in Beyond Words, House of Fortune and Peace & Prosperity. Will 2016 be the year in which you get your first main role?

I certainly hope so! But before that happens, i am just going do my best for every role, improve and when that happens, I will be ready for it.

You have been paired with Hayley Woo and Jayley Woo. How are they different? Whom do you have more chemistry with?

They are actually very different in personality. Hayley is more girly, while Jayley is more out going. But both of them are equally bubbly and fun. i think i have more chemistry with Jayley, because I have known her longer and when we were filming “Beyond Words”, we stayed in KL for three months together. I think we fostered a stronger bond through that trip.

Describe your journey into TV Stardom, since the days you took part in the Manhunt Singapore 2011 contest?

I guess everything happened very quickly and it was overwhelming for me. After i finished my army, i immediately started filming for the drama ” It takes two”. I guess that was my lucky break as i started gaining more exposure and fame after that. Since then, ive been trying out different roles in dramas and also hosted several variety shows. I think its the good mix of doing drama and variety shows that exposed me to more audiences and contributed to me getting my first award at last year’s Star Awards for Top 10 most popular male artistes.

What are your upcoming projects?

For now, “Peace & Prosperity” is my main project. The programme will take 9 months to film. It will air in April and last for at least 6 months.

Will we see you at the Asian Television Awards 2016?

Well, I certainly hope to be attending it as one of the nominees.

Shane Pow