Yvette King enjoying life at E!

Yvette King also shares her hopes for this year's Asian Television Awards.

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We sat down for a chat with Yvette King, the gorgeous Korean-Australian TV presenter. Yvette came onboard NBC Universal’s E! News Asia last year as its new host. She was also one of the attendees at last year’s Asian Television Awards.

“As Giuliana Rancic would say… Amazeballs! I’ve always been obsessed with pop culture, lifestyle and entertainment, so to be able to talk about it and call that a job is just crazy to me – crazy in a good way! Getting to interview interesting, influential and inspiring people? Being able to tell stories for a living? Pinch me now. I feel incredibly lucky to be in this position.” –  Yvette King on life at E! News Asia.

Yvette King

How different is it from hosting Fox Sports News (Asia)?

Aside from the obvious difference in content, a lot of my work over at Fox Sports has been live, and live TV is a different beast all together! Both are challenging, rewarding and exciting in their own way.

Of all the sports personalities whom you have interviewed, who has made left you with the deepest impression?

It doesn’t get much bigger than David Beckham does it? I respect him a great deal not only for all that he has achieved in his career but his charity work as well – and I was so pleased to find that he’s very genuine and giving to his fans. Plus, he was early – trust me, that’s often a rarity when it comes to celebrities!

You must have also interviewed many celebrities with E! Who is the one celebrity that you have gone crazy over?

Kevin Hart was hilarious – we went on a ride at Universal Studios Singapore together and he had me in stitches the whole time. It was one of those interviews I didn’t want to end. Here’s a scoop for you, he said he would like Justin Bieber to play him in a film on his life. LOL!

Yvette King on her chances at this year’s Asian Television Awards 

“To walk away with the Entertainment gong would be such incredible validation – I wanted this opportunity for over a decade. I’ve been working in sports broadcasting for 3 years, so that would be fantastic too. Hey there’s nothing wrong in hedging your bets is there? (winks)”

Well fingers crossed Yvette, we look forward to seeing you at our awards at year end.