The Dream Makers 2 sweeps the major awards at Star Awards 2016

Will the main cast of The Dream Makers 2 attend or even win at the Asian Television Awards 2016?

Star Awards 2016 The Dream Makers 2


The Star Awards 2016 took place over 2 Sundays (17 & 24 April) earlier in this month. The drama “The Dream Makers 2” made a clean sweep of the acting awards. Julie Tan won the Best Supporting Actress category, Zhang Zhen Huan was awarded Best Supporting Actor, Jeanette Aw received the Best Actress prize and Qi Yuwu made it a clean sweep by winning the Best Actor category. In addition,The Dream Makers 2 was also named Best Drama Serial.

Will we see the cast of The Dream Makers 2 make a similar sweep of the nominations for the Asian Television Awards 2016? #StayTuned

The Dream Makers 2 sweeps the prizes at Star Awards 2016

In addition, the most popular male and female artistes in Singapore were recognised.

Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes
1. Rebecca Lim
2. Felicia Chin
3. Joanne Peh
4. Jayley Woo
5. Jesseca Liu
6. Julie Tan
7. Carrie Wong
8. Belinda Lee
9. Kym Ng
10. Quan Yi Fong

Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes
1. Xu Bin
2. Zhang Yao Dong
3. Zheng Ge Ping
4. Zhang Zhen Huan
5. Aloysius Pang
6. Jeffrey Xu
7. Elvin Ng
8. Lee Teng
9. Dennis Chew
10. Shane Pow

Will we also see them attend or even win at the Asian Television Awards 2016 at the end of the year December?