Alden Richards on the origins of AlDub

Alden also gives his take on how AlDub became a social media phenomenon.

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Alden Richards on how AlDub became a social media phenomenon

3. AlDub has been a consistent Twitter trending topic in the Philippines and worldwide. How has that happened?

Alden Richards: To be honest, it is quite indescribable – and totally organic. That’s how dedicated the AlDub fans are.  A member of the staff of Eat Bulaga gives the hashtag for the day and they do their thing.  Our fans come from all around the world. Sometimes they trend things that are not even related to Eat Bulaga, like when Maine & I attended the Guillermo Mendoza Awards night, or when we have solo or joint endorsements. When I appeared on Starstruck, a talent search on GMA, #AldenOnStarStruck trended. These are just a few examples of how the AlDub fans show their love for us – online.

4. What do you think about an AlDub movie or TV show? Good idea?

Alden Richards: As a lot of people know, Maine and I are currently in Italy shooting a movie, which is our gift to our fans and we are very excited about that! So it’s definitely a great idea!

5. Will you be entering a submission for #ATA2016?

Alden Richards: I think so!   That would be up to my producers, but I hope so!

6. Should fans be expecting to see you at the Asian Television Awards 2016?

Alden Richards: If I get invited, why not?  I would love to attend.

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