The Magic of AlDub

Find out how The Magic of AlDub, the common thread that bonds all of us, came into being.

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The Magic of AlDub. So what is it actually? It’s not about us. We dare say it is also not only about Alden Richards or Maine Mendoza as individual superstars. It is them collectively as a pair, united in love. But that definition in itself won’t do AlDub justice, without you the fans. Yes, every single one of us who live and breath The Magic of AlDub every single day. So much so that AlDub has literally taken a life of its own. And boy what feats it has achieved!

The long awaited “Imagine You and Me”, the AlDub Movie will finally be released on 13 July. The countdown to Philippines’ most eagerly anticipated movie event of the year has already begun in full earnest. The hashtag #ALDUBIYAMin5Days is currently trending today (Friday 8 July 2016) in Twitter.

The Magic of AlDub

To understand more about The Magic of AlDub, we had the privilege of interviewing Ms. Jeny Ferre, Creator of AlDub and SVP for Creatives of Eat Bulaga! at GMANetwork who shared with us how AlDub, the TV pairing of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza whom we so love, came into being.

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*Here’s a spoiler for all AlDub fans, our special tribute interview for IYAM, with exclusive photos from the movie set in Italy will be available on this website on 12 July also from 5pm onwards at this link.