Our journey with Alden Richards

A hint.. Just for AlDub Nation, we'll be taking this to the next level.

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AlDub in Como where they filmed their first movie together

Alden Richards

We covered Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza when the launched their first movie together as a pairing. The movie titled “Imagine You and Me” was a special anniversary gift to show their appreciation for their fans.

We also heard from several fans on what AlDub means to them on a personal level and how the love pairing was able to touch their lives. The response were undoubtedly overwhelming.

AlDub Nation, we know how you feel. Just for you, we will be taking our relationship with Alden Richards to another level. Tomorrow at 12noon, on this site (http://www.asiantvawards.com), we will finally be making our announcement. We promise you won’t be disappointed.