JaDine edges out KathNiel in a poll of popular ABS CBN artistes

These votes show that both pairings of ABS CBN are almost equally popular amongst their respective fan armies.

ABS-CBN Alden Richards Daniel Padilla GMA JaDine James Reid KathNiel Kathryn Bernardo Maine Mendoza Nadine Lustre


The love pairing of JaDine (James Reid and Nadine Lustre) have edged out KathNiel (Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo) by the slimmest of margins in a poll of popular ABS CBN artistes. 51% to 49%.

James Reid from ABS CBN James Reid of the love pairing JaDine

Nadine Lustre from ABS CBN The other half of JaDine – Nadine Lustre

In addition, James Reid barely took victory against Daniel Padilla, though the polls, which was conducted via Twitter, showed the score at 50% to 50%.

It was another neck-to-neck battle, this time between Kathryn Bernardo & Nadine Lustre. Again, the results were tied at 50% to 50%, but Kathryn Bernardo got through by the skin of her teeth.

Each of the 3 polls received more than 11,000 votes and at least 1.5k retweets. These votes show that both love pairings of ABS CBN are almost equally popular amongst their respective fan armies. Like the Chinese classic story of the “Romance Of The Three Kingdoms”, we can draw parallels to that regarding the popularity of the love pairings in Philippines. The third power couple being GMA’s AlDUB (Alden Richards & Maine Mendoza).

In an ideal world of course, we would love to have all 3 power couples at this year’s Asian Television Awards on 2 December (Currently, we have Alden Richards confirmed). After all, all 3 pairs have their respective sets of loyal and passionate fans, who should be respected and celebrated. #CelebratingAsianTV, our campaign for this year, is all-inclusive and celebrates the vibrancy and diversity of the Asian Television landscape.

Let’s see where we are at come December. #WatchThisSpace