Rossa shares her thoughts on performing for ATA2016

The Indonesian star gives us a glimpse into what we can expect her in the coming months.

Asian Television Awards ATA2016 Rossa


‘Rossa’ Roslaina is an Indonesian solo-artiste who made her debut in the country’s music scene back in 1988. With over 20 years of music experience, she has since become one of the most popular singers in countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia.

Rossa Roslaina

Rossa also just recently released her latest single “Jangan Hilangkan Dia”, a song she’ll be performing ‘live’ at this year’s Asian Television Awards on 2nd December.

Let’s hear from the Indonesian star herself on her thoughts about Asian television and the future of her music career:

1. For those who may not already know, please introduce yourself!

2. This is the first time you’re performing on the ATA stage. Feeling excited?

3. What can we expect from you at this year’s ‘live’ show on 2nd December?