Usher in the lunar new year with StarHub TV

Free Previews and awesome TV Programs? Huat ah!

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In the spirit of the year of the remarkable rooster, StarHub TV is rewarding customers with the biggest ang-pao ever; a line-up of free previews and awesome TV programs all for your enjoyment.

Train to Busan

Starting 27 January, customers can enjoy an array of 150 free preview channels ranging from HBO (Ch 601) to FOX Movies Premium (Ch 622) and even STAR Chinese Channel (Ch 822).

On top of that, viewers can also look forward to streaming their favourite content from over 80 channels via StarHub Go.

Here’s a look at some of key programs available during this year’s CNY Free Preview:

DateProgrammeChannel/ TX details
27 JanAsia Music Stage, 音樂大勢演唱會ConcertSTAR Chinese Channel 卫视中文台(StarHubTV Channel 822) 星和视界第822频道 at 6.30pm
27 Jan2017 SUPER STAR / 2017 超级巨星红白艺能大赏E City  都会台 (StarHubTV Channel 111/825) 星和视界第111/825频道 at 7pm
27 JanHAIL THE JUDGE, 九品芝麻官STAR Chinese Movies Legend衛視卡式台(StarHubTV Channel 867) 星和视界第867频道 at 10pm

27 JanLong Long Time Ago 2, 我們的故事2STAR Chinese Movies卫视电影台(StarHubTV Channel 866) 星和视界第866频道 at 11pm

28 JanDRAGON TV 2017 COUNTDOWN SHOW, 梦圆东方-2017东方卫视跨年盛典Hub E City  都会台 (StarHubTV Channel 111/825) 星和视界第111/825频道at 2pm
28 JanJiangsu TV New Year’s Eve Count Down Concert, 江蘇衛視2017跨年演唱會 STAR Chinese Channel卫视中文台(StarHubTV Channel 822) 星和视界第822频道 at 6.30pm
28 JanJIANGSU SPRING FESTIVAL (LIVE), 江苏卫视鸡年春晚Hub E City  都会台 (StarHubTV Channel 111/825) 星和视界第111/825频道at 7.30pm
28 JanLO TA YU CONCERT 2016, 重逢14″光阴的故事”罗大佑演唱会Hub E City  都会台 (StarHubTV Channel 111/825) 星和视界第111/825频道at 9.30am.
28 JanTrain to BusanSTAR Chinese Movies卫视电影台(StarHubTV Channel 866) 星和视界第866频道 at 9.30pm
28 JanCelestial Movies Presents: LADY OF THE DYNASTY,天映频道呈献王朝的女人,杨贵妃

Hub E City  都会台 (StarHubTV Channel 111/825) 星和视界第111/825频道at 11pm
29 JanFashion King, 时尚王时tvN Movies (StarHubTV Channel 818) 星和视界第818频道 at 1pm
29 JanTazza: The High Rollers, 老千tvN Movies (StarHubTV Channel 818) 星和视界第818频道 at 5.05pm
29 JanGenius Go Go Go CNY Special, 天才冲冲冲 神鸡妙算迎新春TVBS Asia (StarHubTV Channel 828) 星和视界第828频道at 10pm
29 JanTHE DUEL, 決戰紫禁之巔STAR Chinese Movies Legend衛視卡式台(StarHubTV Channel 867) 星和视界第867频道 at 11.55pm