Cris Cyborg shares her insights to the world of MMA

The UFC superstar is currently one of the most popular female MMA fighters in the world.

Cris Cyborg UFC


We had the privilege of interviewing one of the best female Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters currently in the world, Cris Cyborg. The leading female superstar in UFC, she was at the fight promotion’s latest event, #UFC208, which happened just yesterday.

Here’s what the MMA superstar had to say.

Cris Cyborg at #UFC208 Cris Cyborg (right) at #UFC208. Photo Credit @criscyborg on Twitter.

1) We read your lengthy statement regarding your positive drug test that was flagged by USADA. So what’s next?

Cris Cyborg: It was a flagged sample. My doctor is working with USADA and I’m confident once my medical history has been shared, it will be clear there was no cheating or use of performance enhancing drugs. My doctor prescribed medicine needed for my health and well being that does not have an alternative.

2) Throughout the 9 years of your mixed martial arts career, you have competed against many brilliant fighters such as Marloes Coenen and Gina Carano. Which fighter are you looking most forward to for a rematch?

Cris Cyborg: I don’t look forward to rematching anyone. I never pick my opponents and fight whoever the promoter puts against me. A Gina Carano return would excite fans around the globe.

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