Ringstar – The newest fight sports promoter in town

Its next event, "The Roar Of Singapore", is scheduled to take place on Saturday, 27 May 2017.

Ringstar Scott Farrell


Fight sports are on the rise on TV. Our recent interviews have been centred around the world of MMA, with the interviews of fighters Angela Lee, Cris Cyborg and even ONE Championship’s CEO/Owner Victor Cui. A new kid on the block, Ringstar, intends to turn the tide in favour of boxing.

However, for this piece, we are examining the rise of boxing as a fight sport in Singapore. Scott Farrell is the founder of fight sports promoter, Ringstar, which recently organised “The Roar Of Singapore” last month. The event was aired on Eleven Sports Network.

Ringstar's larger than life Founder, Scott Farrell

Here’s what we spoke to him about.

1. For those who do not already know Ringstar, how about a short introduction?

Scott Farrell: Ringstar Championship Boxing is a Super Fight Platform for Professional Boxing, sanctioned by the UBO and IBO. We are bringing boxing back into public consciousness, through well matched bouts and the hunger of fighters to be world champions. Our shows are televised across five countries, with a broadcast footprint of over 100 million viewers. We are going to see real heroes of the sport born and move on up to become world contenders.

2. What is your background? Was it one of the reasons for you wanting to setup Ringstar?

Scott Farrell: I have over 20 years of experience in combat sports, having been involved in over 30 boxing matches, with 24 wins. Ringstar was started with the goal of putting Singapore on the world boxing map. I pride myself on not just being a promoter, but more importantly being an ambassador for the sport.

3. Ringstar is currently in startup mode. How is life?

Scott Farrell: Life is both very exciting and tough, I wouldn’t have it any other way (lol). That’s how start up mode is in business, plenty of sharks around you so you better stay alive and active.

4. What are some of the partners that you are currently working with?

Scott Farrell: Eleven Sports Network, Decathlon, Under Armour , Everlast, AAM, ATA , UBO Boxing and IBO Boxing.

5. Boxing has been around even before the days of Muhammad Ali. MMA is on the rise with UFC and also the many gyms like Evolve popping up. How does boxing stay relevant?

Scott Farrell: Boxing is in its purist form the most challenging of combat sports. The true pound for pound fighters, battling with heart, skill and power to out punch, out last and out manoeuvre his or her opponent. It brings out the best in every man and woman who enters into this sport and has created some of the world’s most renowned athletes and icons. MMA, needs another 100 years to prove itself, before it could even start to compete as a worthy competitor.

6. For fight sports in Asia, there is the dominant ONE Championship which is reportedly seeking a $1 billion valuation. Are you intimidated?

Scott Farrell: I am inspired that Chatri Sityodtong and Victor Cui, dared to dream big and went for what they believed in. However, that is their dream. I am focused on building Ringstar to be the most valuable fight platform in boxing history.

7. Your first event “The Roar Of Singapore” took place just last month, how was it?

Scott Farrell: It was a great success and filled with close to 1,000 in attendance. The crowd was electric and our sponsors, San Miguel, Eleven Sports Network, Everlast, Smokey’s, The Penny Black, Trident Partner Asia and Under Armour, helped make the event even better. The fights were very well matched and the main event, Ryan Ford vs Sam Rapira was a real barn stormer.

8. We heard that the sequel to “The Roar Of Singapore” is in the works, what is the date and what can we expect from it?

Scott Farrell: It takes place on Saturday, 27 May 2017. There are 4 World titles, 5 International titles and the show features two former world champions and the Current UBO Light heavyweight champion. There is also a very big surprise to be announced in April that will be the pride of Singapore and potentially history in the making.

9. I’m sure you get asked this question a lot. If the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight ever makes it to the ring, who’s your money on?

Scott Farrell: Mayweather, as long as Connor doesn’t kick him in the face hahahaha

10. Having said that, you think Floyd Mayweather can hold his own in the Octagon with Conor McGregor?

Scott Farrell: Floyd has skill to keep out the way , but just pure boxing skills in the octagon, it’s just not enough.