Tommy Browne on the comeback trail

The boxer returns after a close to 2 year hiatus since the loss of his brother in 2015.

Tommy Browne


Boxer Tommy Browne is finally making a return to boxing close to 2 years after the unfortunate death of his brother at a boxing match in 2015. He will be one of the fighters taking part in “The Roar Of Singapore 2”, which happens in Singapore on Saturday 27 May 2017.

Tommy Browne Boxing Tommy Browne is finally ready to step back into the ring

1. What have you been doing during your time off boxing?

Tommy Browne: I had some time to reflect on my personal life, my journey in the sport of boxing and most importantly my family. I’m now married to my beautiful wife Emma and we have two young children Maddy four years old and Davey nine months old.

2. Have you finally come to terms with the loss of your brother?

Tommy Browne: I will never come to terms with the loss of my brother.  I can’t move on, but I’ll try my best to move forward and make him proud. ” Now we fight together”.

3. Two years is a long time, especially in the world of boxing. What have you been doing to shake off any ring rust?

Tommy Browne: Yes being out of the ring for more than a year is really a long time, but I’ve always done some type of training.  I had three fights last year with two wins and a draw. I spent the last month training in the US out of the Mayweather and at Fight Capital Gym where I had some really good sparring.

4. When you finally get back into the ring, did you think you will be overwhelmed with emotions?

Tommy Browne: Yes, every fight I have now will be full of mixed emotions, but when I climb inside the ropes it all disappears.

5. During the fight, if the chips are down, how do you intend to cast aside any negative thoughts?

Tommy Browne: I’m a professional.  I’m always prepared and if things don’t go to plan, I’m experienced enough to adapt. I believe my chips will be stacked high, like a royal flush.

6. You will be fighting for the UBO International Super Welterweight title. How confident are you in walking away with this belt?

Tommy Browne: I am 100% confident in my ability and experience to be crowned the NEW UBO International champion. I have had great preparation including 4 week training camp in the Mayweather and Fight Capital Gym in Las Vegas. I would like to thank all my training/sparring partners and team mates along the way.

To my trainer Anthony Redward who has been behind me during this journey. Not only is he my trainer, he is my mentor and friend both inside and outside of the ring. We believe we have prepared well and we are ready for all that comes our way. I have a lot of support from my friends Bill Wagner and Justin Magro. I surround myself around positive people. Also, a shoutout to Otis Lee Pimpleton who was training me while in Vegas for the month.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Scott Patrick O’ Farrell for taking me under his management with Ringstar.  I would like to thank the fight fans for there support also. I hope you are all ready for the new UBO champion and will follow my Journey. “Team Titan” “Now we fight together”.