Stephanie Carrington on hosting Asian Television Awards 2016

She also shares what she will be busy with for the rest of the year.

Stephanie Carrington


The ever lovely Stephanie Carrington, shares with us her experience hosting our “live” event last year. In case you did not know, Asian Television Awards 2016 had a capacity crowd of more than 5,000, inclusive of trade guests and the general public. The FLY Entertainment artiste and RTL CBS Network host also lets in  on what she will be busy with for the rest of the year. Here’s the whole interview.

Stephanie Carrington

1. Last year’s Asian Television Awards was not the first time that you had hosted the Asian Television Awards. Noticed the difference?

Stephanie Carrington: For both years that hosted ATA I had an absolute blast. For 2014, as the trade show and live show where all in one day, unfortunately the space couldn’t accommodate for many fans to come down and watch the show live. But for 2016, it was all about the fans as they could attend and watch the show live and in the flesh.

2. What was it like with last year’s diverse lineup of hosts and performers?

Stephanie Carrington: My fellow hosts were an absolute treat to work with. And how about those live performances! Last year the show did have a more international flavour with a grander feel as the acts provided arguably the best in Asian television entertainment.

3. How’s your journey with the RTL CBS Network thus far?  

Stephanie Carrington: It has been great. It’s a fantastic network that is really making its mark in Asian television entertainment and I know there are more exciting things to come for the network.

4. What projects are you currently involved with for the remainder of the year?

Stephanie Carrington: I just completed my first ever marathon where I ran the Tokyo Marathon in February. So this year has taken a slightly different twist where I am focusing more on the health and fitness side. I have quite a few projects in the pipeline that I am both excited and proud about so stay tuned!