GEM to simulcast ‘I Can Sing in Japanese!’ and ‘Your Home is My Business! Returns’

Both series will premier on GEM in the month of May.

GEM Sony Pictures Televisions Networks


GEM will the premiere of two popular series this month at the same time as Japan. Viewers across Southeast Asia can look forward to the highly anticipated singing contest ‘I Can Sing in Japanese!’, as well as the sequel to the original hit drama ‘Your Home is My Business! Returns’.

Said Virginia Lim, SVP and Head of Content, Production and Marketing, Sony Pictures Televisions Networks, Asia, “GEM is the jewel of North Asian entertainment and our valued partnership with Nippon TV ensures that our viewers have unprecedented access to Japan’s top titles without having to wait.”

‘I Can Sing in Japanese! Spring 2017’ will premiere on GEM on 13 May at 6pm (5pm JKT/BKK).

Nippon TV’s original hit series ‘Your Home is My Business!,’ which stars Ms. Keiko Kitagawa, will return for a special episode on Friday, 26 May at 8pm (7pm JKT/BKK) on GEM.

GEM Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Televisions Networks, Asia