Viacom and Solar Entertainment Corporation collaborate to launch MTVph

The new channel goes "live" on 1 August 2017.

MTVph Solar Entertainment Corporation Viacom



Viacom International Media Networks and Solar Entertainment Corporation, a Philippine content provider and television network, are collaborating to launch a brand new local MTV channel, MTVph. Under the agreement, the two companies will collaborate on local production, distribution, marketing and advertising sales for the new channel.

The 24-hour world-class youth entertainment network is currently available in the Philippines through an MTV Asia feed, while MTVph, the network’s new dedicated Filipino feed, goes “live” on 1 August 2017.

On top of key international MTV programming, it will also see progressive introduction of localised MTV content, which will aim to introduce and feature Filipino acts to viewers. Aside from championing home-grown and international music for young Filipinos, plans for MTVph also include re-energizing the local music scene, celebrating the Filipino youth lifestyle, fuelling their pop culture and more.