Viu Original is now available in Singapore

It features a wide array of original Hong Kong content.

Viu ViuTV


Viu is introducing Viu Original as a creative initiative aimed at offering viewers the best range of Asian content. Riding on PCCW Media’s extensive production expertise and experience, Viu Original will broaden Viu’s appeal as the go-to OTT video platform in Asia to a wider audience. Viewers in Singapore can enjoy this latest Viu Original Hong Kong content for free. The programmes will be available in the original Cantonese audio and come with English subtitles for selected shows.

The content is produced by ViuTV in Hong Kong, ranging from unique drama series, reality travelogues, culinary shows to infotainment talk shows. This launch will further boost Viu’s already strong line-up of premium Asian content with vibrant, original content that is fresh, innovative and engaging, a refreshing departure from traditional Hong Kong shows. All Viu users in Singapore will be able to catch Viu Original shows on or via the Viu mobile app, on both the free and paid subscription tiers.

The featured programmes include the highly-anticipated Hong Kong drama, Margaret & David: Ex <<玛嘉烈与大卫系列 前度>>, the second season after the hugely popular contemporary drama series, Margaret & David: Green Bean <<玛嘉烈与大卫系列 绿豆>>, starring famous Hong Kong artistes such as Bowie Lam (林保怡) and Bernice Liu (廖碧儿). Others include the innovative reality programme Barter Game <<价值连城>>, and travelogue, 404 Countries Not Found <<404 不存在的国落>>.

Viu Original adds to Viu’s extensive library of premium Asian content that includes the latest popular Korean dramas and variety shows, Japanese and Thai dramas as well as short form lifestyle entertainment content produced by leading influencers. Content on Viu is available free to all users and for a small monthly fee of $5.98/mth, you will be able to access exclusive functions and features, such as unlimited downloads and full HD resolution.

Viu Photo Credit: Viu