Sony’s GEM and ONE channels to premiere simulcast titles

Both simulcast blockbuster premieres will be aired in September.



Sony Pictures Television (SPT) Networks, will be premiering two simulcast blockbuster premieres fresh from Japan and Korea on its GEM and ONE channels respectively.

GEM, SPT Networks’ joint venture channel with leading Japanese broadcaster Nippon TV, will premiere a two-hour feature episode of “Pretty Proofreader Deluxe” on Wednesday, 20 September at 8pm, same time as Japan, while ONE, the top rated Korean entertainment channel, will air the highly anticipated “While You Were Sleeping”, same time as Korea on Wednesday, 27 September at 9pm.

“Pretty Proofreader Deluxe”, a 2-hour special episode from the original drama series, Pretty Proofreader, will see the return of well-loved Japanese actress Satomi Ishihara reprising her role as Etsuko, while “While You Were Sleeping” is an investigation drama with a twist. It tells the story of an unemployed journalist, Hong Ju (Bae Suzy), who can foresee unfortunate events in her sleep and stars a stellar cast of Lee Jong Suk and Bae Suzy.

While You Were Sleeping