CJ E&M nominated for five Asian Television Awards 2017

Nominations include Best Drama Series “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God”, Best Music Programme “Golden Tambourine” and many others.

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South Korean entertainment and media company CJ E&M has obtained five nominations across a wide range of categories at the 22nd Asian Television Awards 2017 for its fresh and original content.

The pinnacle for recognizing excellence in television entertainment around the Asia-Pacific region, The Asian Television Awards revealed that CJ E&M titles were nominated for the following categories: Best Drama Series(Guardian: The Lonely and Great God), Best Music Programme(Golden Tambourine), Best Comedy Programme(SNL Korea S9), Best General Entertainment Programme(SNL Korea S9), and Best Adaptation of an Existing Format(SNL Korea S9). Winners will be announced on December 1st.

Nominated for Best Drama Series, ‘Guardian: The Lonely and Great God,’ a representative title of CJ E&M’s specialty in unique, never-seen-before genres, holds the title for #1 ratings in cable drama history, with an average rating of 20.5% and highest rating of 22.1% in Korea. The fantasy romantic comedy also had great success globally, signing with over 100 countries across Europe and the U.S.

‘Saturday Night Live Korea Season 9,’ nominated for three different categories, has been a big hit with its legendary hosts and comic sketches that create viral responses both on and offline. The South Korean late-night television sketch program not only showcases great chemistry with its studio audience but also with their 2.6+ million fans on Facebook. ‘Golden Tambourine‘ is one of the new additions to CJ E&M’s forte in music entertainment shows that is following in the footsteps of success with formats optioned to Thailand and Italy this year alone.

Last year, MAMA(Mnet Asian Music Awards) was crowned ‘Best Entertainment’ and music survival show ‘Produce 101’ was runner up for the ‘Best Music Program’ category.

Meanwhile, CJ E&M also revealed its new lineup of much anticipated contents that will be airing in November-December 2017.


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Best Drama Series
Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, a fabled ‘guardian(goblin)’ attempts to end his life by finding his ‘guardian bride,’ but things get complicated when he actually falls for her. The guardian had been searching for his bride for decades to remove the sword piercing through his chest and finally end his punishment of ‘immortality.’ She is nowhere to be found, until one day he is summoned by the bride herself. The story follows the two, in addition to the grim reaper and the reincarnation of the Guardian’s sister, as their lives become entangled. The series holds the title of #1 ratings in cable drama history, with an average rating of 20.5% and highest rating of 22.1%. The series also signed with over 100 countries across Europe and the U.S.

Best Music Programme

Golden Tambourine, a studio music entertainment show in which two teams, each comprised of four to seven celebrities, compete against each other on a stage that is divided by a moving wall. The team battles through four rounds, performing famous songs recreated in an entertaining way. The audience takes part by shaking their tambourines to vote for the team that filled them with more GUSTO. The moving wall shifts as the scores are revealed, giving the winning team a larger space to perform in the next round.

Best Comedy Programme, Best General Entertainment Programme, and Best Adaptation of an Existing Format
Saturday Night Live Korea Season 9, an adaptation of the NBC Universal format, SNL Korea Season 9 has been breaking records each season. Garnering millions of views online and viral responses, the South Korean late-night television sketch comedy program SNL has been a big hit with legendary hosts each week performing great shows and shorts.

A full list of nominees and categories for the 22nd Asian Television Awards 2017 can be found here.


[CJ E&M New Program Lineup for November/December 2017]

Prison Playbook(16×70′), a black comedy about the life of people living in prison, follows a baseball star who abruptly becomes a prisoner overnight. In an environment where there are no names, titles, age and even freedom, everyone is called by their identification number and wears the same blue uniform regardless of previous status in society The story follows the baseball star who needs to adjust to his new environment. Series to air November 22.

A Korean Odyssey(20×70′), adapting the fantasy elements from the novel, A Korean Odyssey retells the story about monkey king Son Oh-Gong, an extremely powerful minor god who has been exiled to the human world with his powers sealed, and the monk searching for light in the dark world where evil spirits have prevailed. Series to air December 23.

Bad Guys: Vile City(16×60′), the Republic of Korea in 2017 is a country deprived of justice, where money and getting ahead in life is considered more important. Still, the country craves for justice, which leads the “bad guys” to team up to seek the more fundamental evils of hierarchy. Series to air December 16.