Tribute to Olivia Newton-John 

Aussie sweetheart Delta Goodrem is Olivia Newton-John in a new miniseries OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN: HOPELESSLY DEVOTED TO YOU.

Delta Goodrem Olivia Newton-John


Australian singer, songwriter and actress Delta Goodrem stars as Australian icon OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN: HOPELESSLY DEVOTED TO YOU on the set of Grease, as a two-part celebration of her brilliant career as well as her stellar personal life.

At the age of 15, Olivia won a local television talent contest which propelled her to London on her first recording contract. She went on to become Australia’s most successful singer, selling an astounding 100 million albums internationally.

The miniseries follows Olivia’s path to stardom from singing duets with best friend Pat Carroll, to her breakout single I Honestly Love You reaching Number 1 in the US and international acclaim in her life-changing role of Sandy in the 1978 global smash-hit movie, Grease. Continued highs in Olivia’s music career and personal life are confronted by a sudden profusion of life challenges, with a cancer diagnosis the biggest trial of her character and determination.

For more than five decades, Olivia has been “the one that we want”. This moving and uplifting tribute to her life, her loves, her family, her fight and her iconic songs, films and fashion will see Australians of all generations fall in love with Livvy all over again.


Delta Goodrem Olivia Newton-John