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  • by asiantvawards 9 hours ago
    “Most of the stories were filmed before the outbreak when you see family reunions, noisy markets, and religious gatherings. You can't help but feel like they're from another world. It's surreal. When we look at them again, we feel that such ordinary daily life is so precious. Perhaps it's only after you've been through lows, darkness, and bad times, that you understand just how precious everyday routine and normality are.” Director Li Yong, one of the directors of Once upon a Bite 2, Winner of Best Documentary Series in 25th ATA  #ATA2021   #AsianTVAwards   #CelebratingAsianTV   #AsianTelevisionAwards 
  • by asiantvawards 1 day ago
    Throwback Thursday “In my lifetime, I’ve been in situations like this several times. Situations where I can’t go any further or back down. In those situations, I have never run or avoided them. I always face them head-on. Either I break or you break. Also, I have never lost, not once.” Go Hye Ran, Misty performed by Kim Nam-Joo Best Actress in Leading Role 23rd Asian Television Awards What’s your favorite line in Misty? Comment what you guys think!  #AsianTVAwards   #CelebratingAsianTV   #AsianTelevisionAwards 
  • by asiantvawards 3 days ago
    We just added two new categories to accomodate New Media for all our social media platforms! Best Short Form Video Series - Scripted Best Short Form Video Series - Unscripted These two awards focus on giving recognition to professionally created content primarily for mobile and social media or OTT platforms Who would you want to see win this award? Drop your suggestions below ⤵️ Stay tuned for more updates!  #ATA2021   #CelebratingAsianTV   #AsianTVAwards 
  • by asiantvawards 1 week ago
    We heard the fans and now we are bringing her to you! Watch Asia's Phoenix,  @itsmorissette  on IG Live tomorrow, September 8 | 1 PM for an ATA Catch-up  #ATA2021   #ATACatchup   #MorissetteAmon   #CelebratingAsianTV   #AsianTVAwards 
  • by asiantvawards 2 weeks ago
    Join us this Saturday night for Episode 3 of ATA Catch-up with  @tien_chong  The songstress was a performer for us at the 24th ATA as well as a contestant in the Chinese singing competition, Singer 2018! Got any burning questions to ask? Save it and See you on Saturday at 10:30 pm  #ATA2021   #ATACatchup   #TienChong   #CelebratingAsianTV   #AsianTVAwards 
  • by asiantvawards 3 weeks ago
    We are still not over this magnificent music video! Hoa Hai Duong took home the best music video award at the ATA’s last year!  #ATA2021   #HallOfFame   #CelebratingAsianTV   #AsianTVAwards 
  • by asiantvawards 3 weeks ago
    A look back at some of the ATA shows we did before! In light of the pandemic, we are missing offline shows and concerts so much more Which edition of ATA is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below ⤵️  #ATA2021   #CelebratingAsianTV   #AsianTVAwards 
  • by asiantvawards 4 weeks ago
    For our second episode, we have Tiktok famous  @mingweirocks  joining us! Catch him on our Instagram LIVE Show, ATA Catch-up happening on Saturday, 10 PM  #ATA2021   #ATACatchUp   #CelebratingAsianTV   #AsianTVAwards 
  • by asiantvawards 1 month ago
    Bringing you closer to masters of their craft, we introduce you to the ATA Spotlight Each fortnight, we share inspiring and insightful conversations with Asian TV leaders and what it takes to create great Asian TV content not just for today but for years to come! ✨  #ATA2021   #CelebratingAsianTV   #AsianTVAwards 
  • by asiantvawards 1 month ago
    Throwback to last year’s ATA when  @jtbc .insta took home the Best Drama Series award for Itaewon Class! Any guesses on who will win the coveted title this year? Share us your thoughts ⤵️  #ATA2021   #CelebratingAsianTV   #AsianTVAwards 
  • by asiantvawards 1 month ago
    Last Call for submission of entries for this year’s Asian TV Awards Visit our website for more information and the entry pack ➡️ https://www.asiantvawards.com/entry-pack/ Hurry! The deadline for the close of submission is August 6!  #ATA2021   #CelebratingAsianTV   #AsianTVAwards 
  • by asiantvawards 1 month ago
    Introducing Wallace! ✨ This multi-hyphenate singer/songwriter, actor, and host is also a familiar face to our ATA cameras! Catch up with him on our premiere episode of ATA Catchup happening Live on Instagram!
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